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Gujarati Thali – Malvern East

If you are fond of Indian food and often visit Indian restaurants then you must be aware of the word thali. Thali can be both a set thali and a buffet like system where in the guest can present anything in his set meal from a wide variety of selection. We at Gujjus, treat our customers with a traditional Gujarati thali Malvern East where we make sure that it consists of each and every aspect of the Gujarati cuisine.

India is a country with diverse culture which can be very well seen in its food. There is much kind of thalis available in Indian restaurants such as the Punjabi thali, Rajasthani thali, South Indian thali and Gujarati thali. Since Gujjus is an authentic Gujarati restaurant therefore we have the honor of presenting a Gujarati thali.

A traditional Gujarati thali Malvern East consist of Undhiyu which is a traditional special Gujarati vegetarian consisting of a mix of various seasonal vegetables, Dal which is lentil, kadi is a special kind of savory dish prepared with gram flour and sour curd with a mix of seasonal vegetables, Rice, kathol, roti served hot with desi ghee, Thepla, which is very specific to the state of Gujrat, is cooked in every household in Gujrat , especially for snacking, farsan, is a Gujarati snack also known as a savory dish eaten alongside of chappati, Salad, pickle and buttermilk. Along with this, there is a dessert which varies each day.

The thali is very reasonably priced and is more than enough to fill your tummy and keep you happy the whole day. The specialty of a Gujarati thali is that it not only keeps in mind the taste but also health. We recommend our customers to try our Gujarati thali if they really want to experience the real taste of Gujrat. It’s the right blend of both sweet and spicy food. The buttermilk served in the end does not only have refreshing qualities but also helps with digestion. It consists of original flavors from the East and is served in tall copper glasses which would take you back the memory lane.

Gujarati generally like to end their meal with a dessert and mostly have a sweet tooth. You can also experience a sweet flavor in their main dishes. As far as their desserts are concerned, they like to prepare their sweet form jaggery or sugarcane juice with a combination of roasted dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios. Dry sweets like Ghooghra and Magas often form a part of the Gujarati thali Malvern East.

Our Gujarati Thali is a hit among our customers and people from faraway places specially visit Gujjus to experience the Gujarati thali Malvern East.

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