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Kathyawadi Thali – Malvern East

If you wish to satisfy your belly with some healthy and wholesome Gujrati food then nothing can beat Kathyawadi Thali in Malvern East. If you are looking for some tasty as well as healthy food that too at a budget then it’s time that you head to Gujjus which specializes in Kathyawadi Thali in Malvern East.

Our chefs are well experienced and trained and have selected the best ingredients which go into this Kathyawadi thali. They understand how, to make the thali well balanced so that it not only looks attractive and appetizing but also provides all the health benefits.

Indian food is well known for its health benefits and its balanced food attribute, exactly this is depicted in the Kathyawadi thali which is a very effective mix of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins which in short is an example of balanced diet.

The Kathyawadi Thali served at Gujjus consists of the variety of Indian breads such as Thepla, Roti and Rotla, if you are trying a Kathyawadi Thali for the first time then you would be amazed by the variety of breads which are eaten in Gujrat which is eaten with a Sweet and Tangy Daal which is a rich source of proteins and surti undhiyu which is a typical example if vitamins as it a combination of various seasonal vegetable. Gujarati like to introduce an element of savory which is known as the Kathod, it may comprise of Sev, Dhokla, Khakra etc. What makes a Kthyawadi Thali differ from a Gujrati thali is the Katyawadi vegetable which is prepared in a specific way. Our chefs are well trained and experienced in preparing the most authentic Kathyawadi vegetable. Other than all this sweet and sour Kadi is served which is made by combing gram flour and sour milk. Various condiments such as pickle, salad and poppadumare served along with the thali. Various other things which add that special charm to this thali such as Khichri served with a dollop of ghee will leave you drooling for more.

Beverage which is served along with the Kathyawadi Thali in Malvern East needs a special mention, Chash it is which is known as buttermilk adds that special appeal to the entire Kathyawadi experience. Kathyawadis like to combine ghee and jaggery in their food which not only enhances the taste but also the nutritional value.

Last but not the least we like to end it at a very sweet note with a special dessert of the day which is made especially with jiggery and dry fruits.

If you wish to dive into this feast then do visit Gujjus and try our most authentic Kathyawadi Thali in Malvern East that too at a special price of $19.90 per person and $10.90 per child.

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