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Rajwadi Thali – Malvern East

Treat yourself on some Rajwadi Delight. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to India to experience the royal treatment as far as food is concerned. During the olden times, a special treat was offered to the kings and queens which was often known as the Rajwadi Khana. This tradition still continues in various north Indian states of India especially Gujarat, Rajasthan. The Rajwadi Thali is an example of this treat which consist of variety of food which in conjunction forms a balanced diet.

If you do not want to go wrong and still want to treat yourself without being filled with unwanted spice and fat, then simply order yourself a Rajwadi Thali Malvern East. We at Gujjus make sure that the Rajwadi Thali satisfies both the taste buds and also provides the required nutrition. If you happen to dine on a Rajwadi Thali Malvern East during lunch time, it would keep you happy, for the rest of the day.

With more than 15 items on your thali, this Rajwadi Thali definitely is a king size dining experience. The best part about this platter is that it comes with a variety of breads such as Rotla, Roti, Bhakri, Thepla which can be eaten with 2 special Gujju veg prepared by our chefs who have all the knowledge about flavors and taste of Gujrati cuisine. Other than veg the platter consists of Undhiyu and Kathol which is a rich source of proteins and vitamins. A special kind of mix of Dal and Rice which is known as Khichdi is served which tastes even better with salad and a dollop of ghee. This eminent thali comes with two types of Salad and Masala Papad, which adds that much needed crunch to the entire platter.

If you like to snack in between you meals then what better than 2 types of Farsan this can be Sev, Khakra or even Dhokla. The world famous Khadi also makes its place in this Rajwadi Thali Malvern East. The Rajwadi Khadi is known for its sweet and tangy flavor which has loads of digestive benefits. Our customers have a choice of sweet Lassi or Buttermilk which is also a part of the thali. Other than these beverages, the Rajwadi Thali Malvern East also provides you with soft drinks such as Jal Jeera or Soft drinks. Last but the most tempting part of any meal is the dessert. This authentic thali comes with 2 desserts which are made from jaggery, milk and dry fruits. Condiments such as pickle, salad and poppadum are served alongside.

You get to enjoy so much that too at a mind blowing price of $24.90 per person and 12.90 per child. You also have an option of a take away which is priced at $49.90 for 2 people.

So what are you waiting for, head to Gujjus and satisfy you’re craving for some mouthwatering Rajwadi food.


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